5 reasons meditation will make you a better parent

If you don’t feel at home in your body, you will never feel at home in the world.

Meditation is about tuning in. The book of the week is The Magic of Meditation : Stories and Practices to develop gratitude and empathy with your child by: Marie-Christine Champeaux-Cunin & Dominique Butet

Why meditate? Many of us are unsatisfied with our lives. Our daily existence is filled with activities, but they aren’t what we need to feel happy.

The Magic of Meditation

This tiny little book was a quick-read that was full of so many gems, that choosing only 5 to share was challenging. Nonetheless, here are 5 reasons why meditation will help make you a better parent.

1 – Respond don’t react.

This has become my personal new mantra for parenting. Growing up, I have a lot of memories of some harsh reactions from my parents. I remember feeling scared sometimes when voices got raised because I crossed yet another line. I remember feeling helpless, wondering if I was a bad kid, and if they would be happier if they had another child instead of me. All of these feelings aren’t feelings I want my children to feel, yet here I am, finding myself reacting. Enter meditation stage right. Despite being conditioned to react through my experiences (how our brains work) meditation helped create space between my emotions. Space to think, space to breathe and space to relax. Now reactions are rare from me and my kids are better for it.

Meditation allows you to develop inner space so you can pause before reacting.

The Magic of Meditation

2 – Meditation makes you happier and kinder

In ways I didn’t expect, meditation has increase my general happiness. There are so many things to obsess over namely bills, chores, money and obligations, and I found myself lost in my thoughts more time than I could count. This fast-paced world comes with fast-paced thoughts about endless problems. What I didn’t realize was how much good slowing down and meditating would do for me. It’s like I’ve been running the business of my mind and body with blindfolds on, on autopilot. In this analogy, meditation is like a business meeting, a hard look at the data to assess lulareas of improvement needed. It’s a moment to silence the thoughts, the endless mind chatter and check in with myself and how I’m really doing. Making this time for myself has made me so so happy effortlessly. Almost as a bi-product if creating the time for me.


The Magic of Meditation

3 – Meditation can improve your brain

Neurology research found a positive correction between neuroplasticity of our brains and meditation. What’s known as the “grey matter” in our brains actually increases with a regular meditation practice. Why is that a good thing? For starters, the more we have, the better we learn!

This is just the beginning of your meditation journey!

The Magic of Meditation

4 – Regaining control of myself

Whether it’s diffusing my anger before it begins, eradicating my jealousy or calming my anxiety, meditation is my go-to solution. I’ve never felt this in control of my moods and behaviors in my life! That’s huge for me because ask my mom, I’ve been an overtly emotional, hot-head from the beginning! By ability to remain calm has become my superpower.

Meditation helps you get back into the drivers seat.

The Magic of Meditation

5 – Your kids are watching you

Anyone with kids knows that despite what you say, it’s what you do that kids will imitate best. This can be both a positive and a negative thing depending on your behavior. When you make efforts to remain calm during any given scenarios, you’re showing your children that it’s possible for them to do the same. With kids, actions definitely speak louder than words!

Meditation can start as early as preschool

The Magic of Meditation

Look, I’m not saying it will solve all of your problems, I’m saying it can help you accept your problems and the things you cannot change. Tuning in will help you discover a deep sense of peace and wisdom within yourself that doesn’t always get recognition!

If like me, you’d appreciate some guidance to start, this book is perfect for beginners. Pickup your copy below.


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