5 love languages: A bite-sized book review

“It is not that the books and articles already published are not helpful, the problem is that we have overlooked one fundamental truth, people speak different love languages.”


The secret to love that lasts

Author tidbit

Dr. Gary Chapman is an academic, an American author and a Christian pastor! But rest assured, this book is not a religious one. Chapman has a way of explaining things that help it all make perfect sense, and it resonates with the masses! The 5 love languages book is a smashing success, and has even turned into a book series, there’s now multiple versions of the book for single adults, for teenagers and even for kids (their parents). Other titles from Dr. Chapman include: “Things I wish I’d known before I got married” (2009) “When sorry isn’t enough“(2013) and so much more! This field is one he is deeply passionate and knowledgeable about and it shows. Who knows how many marriages he’s saved!

Target Market

Human beings with relationships of all sorts. This book is universal and can be applied anywhere.

What it’s about?

The title says it all, in The 5 Love languages the author, Dr. Chapman, describes different ways in which we give love and receive love, how that may vary from one person to another, and how we could use it to improve our relationships.

Three key takeaways

1. There are 5 main love languages that people generally respond to. The book describes them all in depth.

2. There are ways to find out what your love language is: The 5 Love Languages details ‘how to ask for the love you need‘ as well.

3. There are also ways to find out your partner’s love language, and things that you can do immediately to help express your love for them in ways that will be very well received.

1 Pro?

The 5 Love Languages is very clear! Its written in a way that’s easy to follow and the language is not too flowery.

1 Con?

The Content may seem overly-simplistic at times, but this is definitely an “easier said than done” type of scenario.

Cop it or drop it?

If you’ve ever gone to couples therapy, drop it because you’d be double dipping with this book. The 5 love languages is definitely worth a read otherwise!


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