Sober Curious – 5 Quick lessons

High-5 it’s Friday, time for 5 lessons from the book of the week. Alcohol is fun, and it’s not the enemy here! This is the approach that author Ruby Warrington takes in her book Sober Curious. While sharing intimate stories that led to her own sober curious journey, the book details ways in which her life has improved tremendously since she made the decision to monitor and limit her booze intake. Here are 5 lessons learned from the book Sober Curious by Ruby Warrington.

1. You’ve said the words ‘I’m never drinking again‘ before

We all have. Hangovers are the worst! When you’re sick, you feel like you mean it too because alcohol has betrayed you yet again. Why don’t we stick to our word after suffering? Ruby Harrington gives us the no-nonsense version of the answer, one of them being as simple as: because alcohol is everywhere. Despite that however, the title has intrigued you for a reason, if you weren’t even a little sober curious, the title alone would have made you run the other way.

2. We’ve made alcohol a part of us.

Fill in the blank:

I’m not as ______ without alcohol.

The author uses the word outsourcing to describe ones belief about gaining abilities to do certain things when drunk for example: I can only dance when I’m drunk. Evidentially none of us was born drinking alcohol, once upon a time we were all able to dance and sing without the substance however, those are commonly things that get outsourced to alcohol. That sort of association promotes a dependency.

“Give yourself permission to be your wild-sexy and attention-seeking self without the shots of tequila”.

Warrington raises awareness of the power we willingly give up to alcohol and also provides us with tools to help us regain control.

3. You don’t have to have a drinking problem to consider sobriety

This is a common myth that Sober Curious debunks. Just like people considering healthier food choices such as increasing greens, drinking more water and taking up exercising; sobriety could be a wellness choice, and an effective one at that! One of my favorite quested from the book is one that Ruby shares from Holly Whitaker on booze.

“what we’re essentially dealing with is a toxic substance that, by the way, causes weight gain and breaks your capillaries. It makes you do stupid things, it’s actually a depressant that also breeds anxiety, and makes for really bad shitty sex.”

All of those things sound great, sign me up! Sounds weird doesn’t it?

4. You’d sleep better if you were sober

Wait, doesn’t alcohol help you sleep? No! But I was lead to believe the same falsehood. It makes it easier to fall asleep, however the actual quality of your sleep is worse. Along with dehydration, and working your poor liver to exhaustion, a terrible sleep also contributes to your nasty hangovers. When the sober curious Ruby Warrington first mentioned what she calls “orgasmic sleeps” in the book, I instantly thought of that infamous line “I’ll have what she’s having please”. This is the deep, uninterrupted sleep that your body craves, the kind that will have you Waking up well-rested and energized. This kind of slumber may even turn us all into morning people, what would you do with an extra few hours to yourself in the morning?

5. Alcohol is a convincing liar

Among so much more, Sober Curious exposes alcohol for what it truly is, a convincing little liar. We’ve all heard the terms “beer goggles” & “whisky dick” to name a few. Though equally terrible, both terms do a good job convincing us that the opposite is true: I’m attracted to that person & I’m ready to throw down in the bedroom. Liar liar pans on fire. Like a super-villain, alcohol fogs our memories and inhibits our abilities to connect with people while leading us to believe that the opposite is true.

I’m grateful to have read this book, and hope you consider doing the same.


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