Girl Wash Your Face – 5 Quick Lessons

Rachel Hollis’ ‘Girl Wash Your Face‘ was a fun read for me, which is hard to say about one that seeks to help you “fix” your life. It’s pretty doom and gloom territory here because admitting that it’s broken is a part of fixing it. Without further digression, here are 5 lessons that I’ve learned from the book:

1. You can be better.

You know you can, we could all do a little bit better in life. Be a little more disciplined and stick to a fitness routine, diet, and I can’t be the only one who thinks she could floss a little more. We should be more loyal to ourselves and view committing to something as a gift instead of a curse. When you stop breaking the little promises you make to yourself, your life will change. You already want to be better, get out of your own way and allow yourself to do so. ‘Girl wash your face’ offers a lot of insight on the ‘how‘ part.

2. Stop Dwelling.

Life is never simple, nor is it ever perfect. I’m sure we could all recall a few stories that still don’t sit right with us. But we have to let them go and move on. Rachel straight up tells us to “stop crying about what happened“, after sharing some of her most heart-wrenching stories, so this isn’t coming from just anyone. No, it’s not easy. Yes, it is doable, but you have to put in the work because: yes, it is necessary to reach your goals.

3. Your unhappiness needs to be addressed.

Even if you found yourself owning the house and car of your dreams, you could still be unhappy. You can’t shop enough, eat enough or drink enough wine to mimic happiness. Why do you need to drink so much and self-medicate? What is it about your life that you’re trying to escape from? This needs to be addressed directly as well. Rachel Hollis shares her own bad habits and I’m sure most of us can relate with hers.

4. ‘Parent’ how you want to ‘parent’.

Rachel Hollis addresses something most moms will find out soon enough: there will always a mom who appears to be doing everything right. Sometimes your own child will notice this, and ruthlessly tell you. But rest assured mama, because your children don’t need a perfect mom, they need you. It’s impossible to gain confidence in your parenting game when the unsolicited advice from absolute strangers seems never-ending. We all feel inadequate as parents, but that’s what love looks like sometimes, always striving for better because your kids deserve the world. Let it go. The book helps you figure out how.

5. Nobody is coming to save you :

Not in a doom and gloom kind of way, Hollis doesn’t shy away from speaking openly about her christian faith. She means that you are in control the life that you’re lucky enough to have. We all fantasize about someone giving us a generous amount of money out of the kindness of their hearts, but that’s not how life works. Stop fantasizing about a hero, and become your own hero. You’re the one standing in between you and a better job, better relationship, more money, a healthier lifestyle … need I go on? “Girl, wash your face”, own your life and go get your dreams already.

I hope you read it because I’ve barely scratched the surface here.

Thank you Rachel Hollis. I read this book when I needed it most.


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