3 Books that can help kids develop self-regulation skills

Kids have BIG Emotions. And emotions can be a scary overwhelming thing for a child to be experiencing. It’s the most definitely an area where I decided to tread lightly because reprimanding someone for expressing their feelings isn’t the best way to foster a healthy and open relationship with my child.

May is mental health awareness month and in light of that I wanted to feature these three books that have helped my almost 4-year-old son develop his self-regulation skills.

Self-regulation gives your child the ability to control impulses, manage stress, and cope with strong feelings.


All of these books comes from a Train Your Dragon series by Steve Herman

Book 1 : Train your Angry Dragon

Book 2 : Train Your Dragon To Accept NO

Book 3 : Train Your Angry Dragon

Why the books work well for kids

1. They rhyme : similar to why Dr. Seuss books, the playful melody of a rhyming book is a joy for others the kids to listen to and the parent to read.

2. Dragons are awesome! : Did you know that every continent of the world has ancient examples of dragons in their folklore? Dragons are fascinating to kids, and angry dragons are literally FIERY making these books action packed by nature.

3. Repetition! Expectation only have one example of anxiety or anger or the inability to except them no, instead, each book has five or six examples and the repetition helps the children sort of “read” it with you. It reads like a song.

Pitfalls of the book

1. Gentle! : if your children have younger siblings, or babies and toddlers in their lives, you understand because she cruciality of having a durable book. Despite being great quality books, these paperbacks do not have a hard cover option.


Anger seems to be coming up much more often with my four-year-old since his younger brother became a toddler. Though books like Siblings Without Rivalry provides me with great parenting tools, I still found my 4-year olds emotions were intense and he was struggling to manage them.

The simple playful language of these books help him understand fairly complex concepts around stop regulation. The best part is that it helps him come to his own conclusions because he put some self in the shoes of the protagonist set out the help the Dragon cope with all of the lessons around anxiety, anger and accepting NO.

I give these 3 books a solid 4 out of 5

My children enjoy it but aren’t obsessed with it. Some books make my kids begged me to read it every single day until they never refuse when I suggest Such books, this isn’t one of them.

All of these links are on sale in the special links below:

This series has over 30 books in it as well including:

Train your Dragon to be : Kind, to understand consequences, to be Responsible, manners, potty training Yoga and even fix his attitude!

Thanks for reading and good luck to you!


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